How to Repair Shoes For The Sole Reader

I have great respect for anyone who knows how to repair shoes. The idea of learning how to repair shoes is a noble one.

After all, if you can repair things you own, you don’t need to throw them away and that’s great for the planet. Ideally, you’d only buy something once.

So, when we came across How to Repair Shoes by Frank West, we were quite excited to see what we could learn.

This Is A History Lesson

They do say that those who can’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it, right?

Well, the lessons encapsulated in this book are from our past and in particular, the 1910s and 1920s.

This is important to know before purchasing because while the book does contain interesting information – it’s not easy to apply it directly to modern shoes. It does, however, provide insight into the history of shoe repair and the cobbler tradition.

There were no EVA soles or vegan fibers used in the manufacture of shoes back then and thus, they’re not mentioned. The same methodology, however, can be used for vegan shoes.

how to repair shoes

Why You Should Read How To Repair Shoes

Frank West was clearly something of an authority in his day and this is one of the earliest books that look to the sustainability of clothing that we can find.

While you might not be able to use his lessons directly with your own shoes – they may help point the way for you to ask the right questions about making your shoes last longer.

Repair is a vital part of the green economy and this book is an important stepping point along the journey.

Our only reservation, however, is that this is a scanned work and that the original print wasn’t the best quality – it can help to read it on a larger screen.

How can find How to Repair Shoes online here.

If your shoes are beyond repair then consider shopping for a new pair at one of the many online thrift stores.