How To Weave A Basket

It’s super easy to weave a basket at home and it’s a lot of fun.

All you need to do is follow these simple instructions and you too can soon be enjoying your own homemade baskets. 

Who knows? You could even make a business out of it. 

What Do You Need To Weave A Basket?

weaved basket

You need some fairly simple tools to get you started. 

  • An Awl – or any sharp pointy tool that you can get, it makes moving reeds around easier
  • Some bread ties – for keeping reeds together until they’re woven
  • Some clothespins – also for holding things together until they’re fully joined
  • Pencils and a pencil sharpener – you can use the sharpener to round the ends of reeds too
  • Reed cutters (pruning shears will do fine for this if you don’t have reed cutters)
  • A ruler and a yardstick – for measuring things

What Weaves Do You Use?

  • Basic. A wrap your reed around the stakes using a one-over, one-under pattern (though you can vary the numbers of over and under weaves at your leisure)
  • Twining/Pairing. This is used to attach two pieces of reed to a rigid spoke. One reed goes in front, one behind and you twist in between. 
  • Coiling. You need a soft reed for this technique and you will have to sew the pieces together to attach them (use string or even fishing line for this). 

How To Weave A Basket

weaving a basket
  1. Decide the size. To get the length, you decide how long the basket should be and then add 6” (or 3” per side). To get the width, you do the same, add 6” to the desired width. You can then lay out your reeds to get the right size of basket. 
  2. Base first. Lay out the reeds in parallel to each other and make sure there’s a small gap between them. Weave them in a perpendicular basic weave. This forms the base structure of your basket.
  3. Create some walls. Bend the spokes from the base at 90 degrees to form the basket wall. 
  4. Build the rim. Use a long reed and then wrap it all around the top row. Pin it with a clothespin. Weave the bottom end into the rows now. Raise the reed over the top each time and work around the outside of the basket. Then either glue or weave it into the basket when your rim is done. 
  5. Weave the basket. Once the rim is in place, you can then weave in the sides. Make sure you have enough ribs in place to keep the basket’s shape. You can add them easily before you start weaving. 

Final Thoughts On Weaving Baskets

So, there you have it. Weaving a basket is a very simple matter that anyone can do.

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