How Wild Things Are Explores Tasmanian Folkways

We all dream about some sort of return to nature but we may not all dream of How Wild Things Are.

Of course, you can make efforts in your modern life to build bonds with the word at large – you can set up an apartment garden, start a small farm, or try suburban farming

But, it’s not the same as Analiese Gregory’s powerful departure from sterile modern life to hunting, fishing, and cooking in the wilds of Tasmania.

how wild things are

A Life Of Privilege

Analeise is a world class chef with a truly international background but somewhere deep inside, she wanted to know if you could truly live off the land.

So, when the opportunity to move to Hobart in Tasmania and do just that, and feed others from her efforts, she leapt at it.

Now, she runs the kitchen at Franklin and all of her food comes from nature’s bounty and the people who nurture it.

Results You Can Enjoy

This is more than just a fascinating life story, however, and Analiese’s hunting and fishing has led to cooking and she features 50 incredible recipes for you to taste the results.

How Wild Things Are is one of the most exciting cookbooks that we’ve ever read, we think you will enjoy it too.