iKamper Inspired By Kerouac & Love Of All People

If you know anything about us, then you know we love camper vans.

In fact, we love just about anything camping related but that’s not the only reason that we love iKamper.

iKamper Is Bringing Countries Together

iKamper is an unusual proposition as far as companies go. They’re based in South Korea and they’re owned and financed there too. 

But they believe in supporting the communities they work with locally. So, they have a full US team based in the Pacific Northwest. 

They are fully committed to diversity in their hiring process and they say that it’s important not just to serve others but to love them too.

Bringing The Love To Washington State

And loving people isn’t just a mouthful of corporate hot air as it so often is with multinational ventures, not at all.

They’ve teamed up with Northwest Harvest which  is a charitable organization in Washington State that is committed to ending hunger and which provides a non-profit food bank service. 

Bringing The Love To America

They also believe that all campers should bring the love to the outdoors and in that spirit they’ve committed to the Leave No Trace practice which preserves our heritage for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.

They’ve also joined the Conservation Alliance to demonstrate that, again, their principles are not just words on a page but they’re practical too.

Creating Community

Soon Park, iKamper’s founder, drove around America with his family for 3 years between 2009 and 2012.

They covered 58,000 miles and he says that they witnessed the incredible kindness of the American people as they went.

In order to give even more back, he has now created the iKamper Community which provides a space for thousands of people to share their experiences and tips, hints, etc. with the company’s products and camping in America.

Great Products

And of course their roof top canopies which turn every vehicle into a camper van are amazing.

The Skycamp and the X-Cover are top quality products that we can really recommend.

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