Ikea Tiny House Is Swedish For Cozy Comfort

Tiny homes are awesome. But they’re neither cheap nor easy to build. That is, until the Ikea Tiny House from IKEA wrent into production.

Instant Tiny Home!

Well, it’s not quite instant but comparatively speaking, you get a kit with everything you need to build your home.

It comes with all the instructions to get your home built too. 

Super Easy? 

If you have some basic DIY skills then yes, this ought to be a very easy thing to build.

And if not? They can probably send a team out to do it for you (at a reasonable cost).

diy tiny home from ikea

A New Era For Tiny Homes?

We really welcome IKEA’s entry into this market. 

We think it means that the tiny home will soon be a much more widely accepted phenomenon and that means more people living in happiness in a smaller space but with more money and time than they ever had before!

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