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Inhabitat® is one of those sites that everyone who is concerned about a sustainable lifestyle absolutely has to have in their bookmarks.

It was started back in 2005 with an intent to investigate new trends in products, interior design and architecture but its scope has broadened hugely in the ensuing years.

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Jill Fehrenbacher’s forum has become one the world’s leading voices in environmental policy and technology evolution.

Inhabitat® says that it believes the world’s most pressing issues can be solved by employing “smart design” a philosophy that promotes earth-friendliness but never at the expense of comfort and convenience.

The website is broken up into four sections news, design, lifestyle and environment and each of them touches on a broad range of subjects within that remit.

You could spend weeks reading Inhabitat® and still have plenty more to read. Let’s take a look at each of them in turn.


This is, of course, by its very nature hugely broad in scope but they’ve tried to make the news section easy to navigate by breaking it up into 9 separate sections.

We tend to stick to the focus on agriculture and animals and occasionally skim the clean energy section but that’s because we’re not really involved in pollution, transportation, etc.

One of our favorite recent pieces was on the world’s first living coffin which is a coffin made of fungi!

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There’s so much in the design section that no matter what you’re interested in from converting old factories to creating electric speedboats, they’ve got you covered.

From fashion to tiny homes, from architecture to furniture, this is our favorite section of their site.


We know that a lot of you will want to head straight to the lifestyle section where you can see the kinds of developments in the eco-friendly world that can be easily incorporated into your own life.

From sustainable tourism to the best makeup, they’ve got your covered.

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Clearly not the least, though it is the last section of the site, environment looks at all the pressing issues of modern life and seeks to find solutions to those issues.

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