City Of Baltimore Pays Teens To Shovel Snow For The Elderly And Disabled

1 Feb , 2016  

Baltimore had its largest single-day snowfall ever last week – more than a whopping 27 inches! The city immediately deployed hundreds of teens across the city to shovel sidewalks for the elderly and disabled.


The city’s Youth Snow Program pays the teens $10/hour and over the course of the winter they can make up to $750! Th aim is to provide work opportunities to those who need them and also assist the disabled and elderly who need assistance.


They use an App to connect the teens with shovelling jobs near their homes. The shovel crews take before and after pictures of the sidewalk and submit them on the app to show the work was completed. It’s not easy, but it’s hugely rewarding for the teens involved.

“Yesterday my back was killing me. My back and my legs. But that was it. I’m good,” 17-year-old Aiesha Johnson told the Baltimore Sun. “I like it. It helps more people out.”

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