Father Calls His Son A “Loser” In The Ice Cream Store. But When A Stranger Steps In… Beautiful!

7 Feb , 2016   Video

We all make mistakes in life. Some big. Some small.

In this video, a man sees a father criticizing his son for losing a baseball game. The stranger was pretty sure that this was one of those mistakes.

Why? Because saying things like “You’re a loser” can have a big impression on children! It’s an amazing sight to see as the man in yellow steps in to reason with the father.

He approaches the father with love and understanding rather than aggression and anger. He wants to help the father see that he is the most important part of the boy’s life… and that what he says and thinks is important.

Watch the video and see how an act of kindness brings a man to tears as he tries to give his son encouragement and confidence.