Is Ariana Grande Vegan?

If you take a look around, it seems like everyone’s going vegan nowadays.

The plant-based diet has become more and more accessible with each passing year and you can find everything from plant-based burgers to vegan gummy bears to eat now, making it super easy to switch.

Many celebrities have gone vegan in recent years too such as Billie Eilish, Sadie Sink, Ruby Rose and many more.

But is Ariana Grande vegan?

Here’s What We Know About Whether Ariana Grande Is Vegan

Is Ariana Grande Vegan?

In 2013, Ariana Grande formally announced to the world that she was going vegan. She even told us that she liked animals more than people and that she was “not kidding” about that. 

And she didn’t just opt to eat a plant-based diet, she also became an outspoken vegan activist. 

So, why are people asking if she’s vegan, now? 

Well, in 2019 she endorsed a Starbucks drink called the Cloud Macchiato.

That’s not a vegan product. It contains egg whites (in the “cloud”) and milk in the “caramel drizzle”. 

Final Thoughts On Ariana Grande

Our guess is that Ariana Grande is doing her best to be vegan and that one mistaken endorsement doesn’t change an ethical stance someone has developed and supported over years.

We think if she decides not to be vegan, she’ll let her fans know when she decides.

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  1. Why do we care if Ariana Grande is going vegan? We don’t! We just wanted to see hottie Ariana Grande.

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