Is Billie Eilish Vegan And Does It Make Her Poop 8 Times A Day?

Is Billie Eilish vegan? gets asked alot every day, according to Google.

The quick answer is yes, Billie is a vegan. And yes to the poop question as well.

Grammy Winning Activist

It’s no secret that Billie Eilish is one of her generation’s biggest and hottest stars. She’s got the Grammy’s to prove it!

With such a large audience it’s no wonder she’s also very outspoken on a range of issues and tends to be open about her choices and what they mean to her.

One thing she has talked about at length is dietary choices and she has made no secret of her transition to a plant-based diet but is she also a vegan?

Billie Was Raised A Vegetarian

Billie’s childhood was spent living as a vegetarian. Her parents homeschooled her and thus, they had a very strong influence over her diet and the way she would approach life.

In 2014, she decided that a plant-based diet was no longer enough and that she would go on a completely vegan diet – she said that “animal welfare was a leading motivator” in this choice. She followed that by saying, “Leave animals alone.”

vegan billie eilish

Billie The Vegan

So, yes, Billie is now a vegan and, in fact, she is something of a vegan activist. Promoting the vegan lifestyle.

Her Instagram account has been used to raise awareness for animal cruelty protection causes.

For example, she promoted some footage that was taken during an undercover investigation a dairy factory farm known as Fair Oaks Farms.

Fairs Oaks Farms is a “premium” product that says it can provide “grass to glass” traceability of its actions. The video showed that this was not the case, at all. The animals were severely mistreated. Workers threw, punched, beat and slew newborn calves en masse. They stacked their corpses in a heap out of the public eye.

She said, “…that’s ignorant and stupid” and launched into a compelling plea about how we can all make a difference in fighting against cruelty like this.

Similarly, she took on the fur industry with Pink and PETA on Instagram.

peat approved

Sharing campaign material for anti-fur activists and she said, “Just so you know… this is a mink. You [expletive] getting mink lashes and mink slippers disgust me.”

Slightly more bizarrely, she also claims that veganism makes her poop 8 times a day! She says this is evidence of her healthy living lifestyle choice.


Yes, Billie Eilish is a vegan. She’s outspoken on the issue and is fully committed to a cruelty-free life.

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