Is IKEA Sustainable?

Is IKEA sustainable? No, at least, not yet.

The company is now trying to catch up with the recycling commitments emerging all over industry in places as far flung as shoe brands and skateboards.

How Is IKEA Changing?

Well, they decided, for the first time in the company’s history to allow their customers to bring their old, fully assembled, IKEA furniture back to their stores.

building ikea furniture

The company will then purchase the furniture from the customer and then repair and reinvigorate it before selling it again in their showrooms. 

They’re also making their future furniture with the aim of being resold and that nothing ever goes to waste in the group. 

Will It Last?

We think so, IKEA has already tested this approach in 27 different stores and they say that their customers love the idea.

So, when you’re out looking for furniture for your tiny home – you might want to consider IKEA, they’re stepping up their game and thinking of the planet too. 

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