Is Tom Brady a Vegan?

Tom Brady is a legend among footballers. He has led the NFL in both passing yards and touchdowns and even in his forties is still one of the fittest men and hardest workers on the planet.

But is Tom Brady vegan? After all, he’s well known for extolling the benefits of a plant-based diet. Well, it turns out that it’s a bit complicated.

Is Tom Brady Vegan?

No, Tom Brady’s diet is not a vegan diet (check out our plant-based dietary guide for beginners if you’re not sure what vegan means). Instead, Brady’s diet is known as the 80/20 diet which follows the 80/20 rule.

What Does Tom Brady Eat?

Tom Brady Vegan

What does that mean? Well, it means Tom Brady eats a predominantly plant-based diet which consists of 80% plant foods and 20% of lean protein.

That means that Brady eats animal foods for his protein sources and this is lean protein such as fish or chicken.

He doesn’t dispute the health benefits offered by a vegan or a vegetarian diet but for an athlete like Tom, these diets make it very hard to get enough protein which is essential for muscle development.

So, he eats meat on the advice of a registered dietician and this emphasizes the value of plant-based foods while still allowing for healthy protein sources and it doesn’t require dependence on protein powder which might be plant-based but isn’t as effective as the protein in animal products.

What Do Dieticians Say About Tom’s Diet?

Dieticians say that his diet is really a “flexitarian” approach to eating and the occasional use of diary and meat doesn’t preclude things like almond milk either.

They emphasize that Tom will eat mainly grass-fed organic animals and their equivalent to ensure that the animals have been treated as well as possible during the farming process and so that when Brady snacks on some protein, it’s got the highest level of nutrients available to him.

They say that playing football is a highly energetic activity and that a high-calorie diet is essential to maximize his performance but he needs to avoid white sugar and high-fat content to keep his health (and avoid certain cancers) and that the NFL player has found a good balance in his eating.

They also say that he avoids processed foods and eats plenty of whole grains and can supplement the lean meats with protein shakes when he needs to.

Other Than A Heavy Plant-Based Diet How Else Does Tom Look After Himself?

Tom continues to exercise heavily and his body weight remains fairly constant.

However, he’s not foolish enough to have ignored the aging process. He’s ditched the use of heavy weights which could cause serious injury to his body in favor of resistance bands which allow him to work out with confidence that his muscles won’t develop tears.

Then he does squats, crunches, lunges, etc. to ensure maximum muscle flexibility.

He gets a massage before and after each stage of his workout and the final one is designed to help flush out all the lactic acid in his system.

He also works out his mind and uses brain apps to help train his focus and mental abilities. He is also well-known for participating in transcendental meditation which helps him focus too.

Final Thoughts On Tom Brady And The 80/20 Approach

It may not be an all plants diet but vegetables make up a significant portion of the food that Tom consumes and the 80 percent/20 percent rule appears to be a healthy approach to eating according to dieticians.

We like to think that he might finally ditch the meat for vegetables when he retires from the game.

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