Is Woody Harrelson Vegan?

His real name is Woodrow Tracy Harrelson but the vast majority of his fans and audiences know him as Woody Harrelson.

He’s famous for his gritty performances in blockbuster hits like Natural Born Killers and True Detective and he’s not afraid to play the bad guy on the silver screen.

But what is his personal life like? Is it true that Woody Harrelson follows a vegan diet? We asked around in Hollywood and this is what we learned.

The OG Vegan Diet

Woody Harrelson Vegan

Woody Harrelson doesn’t just follow a plant-based diet he’s one of the original adopters of a vegan diet in the industry.

He started to eat vegan more than 30 years ago now and is known by many as a very passionate vegan, indeed. (We’ve often wondered what was the reason he chose this lifestyle? Which of the 10 most popular reasons people go vegan prompted him?)

He has seen serious health benefits because back then there were no vegan chefs to serve you a cooked meal with animal products – you were pretty much forced to just eat whole foods and that means he mainly eats raw food to avoid the prep times that many vegan meals entail.

He’s Also A Vegan Lifestyle Mentor

Better still, the Hunger Games star is all about the ethical pursuit of plant-based eating and he’s happy to share plant-based tips with others, he’s something of a vegan icon among his peers.

Sadie Sink and Thandie Newton have pursued fully plant-based lifestyles at his urging (the latter during the making of Solo: A Star Wars Story) and Liam Hemsworth also tried veganism based on his recommendations.

More Than A Plant-Based Diet – Campaigning

Woody Harrelson has also gone beyond not eating animal products and is a well-known campaigner for the ethical treatment of animals and animal rights.

He has supported PETA in their efforts to put an end to animal industries and famously protested an annual pig order in Texas!

He has also worked with Sir Paul McCartney to promote his Meat Free Mondays campaign which The Beatles star founded with his late wife Linda.

Vegan Investing Too!

And it’s not all talk, either. The actor Woody Harrelson is also happy to put his money where his mouth is.

He invested in the Sarnos Brother’s vegan seafood products line back in 2020. The company “Good Catch” began in the UK but many of its products are now also sold in the US and in grocery stores across the country.

He also invested in a property in Baltimore where the L’eau De Vie, a well-loved vegan restaurant was based. Sadly, Academy Awards don’t always lead to good investments and the passionate advocate for veganism took a haircut on this as the restaurant went out of business.

He has also partnered with Jeff Golman to launch Prarie Pulp & Paper which is an eco-friendly no-tree paper company! And he has some share in Sage Vegan Bistro a small chain of vegan restaurants in LA.

He Even Tried To Get The Pope To Go Vegan!

And incredibly, he also tried to get the pope to go vegan! Well, in fairness, he asked him to go vegan for Lent not to go fully vegan forever.

Final Thoughts On Whether Woody Harrelson Is Vegan

Big meat eaters might be surprised to learn that Woody is a vegan as he’s wicked healthy and his energetic pursuit of big goals makes him somebody that the general public really looks up to.

He’s living proof that going vegan doesn’t mean cutting down on life in any way at all.

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