Jill Milan Crafts Italian Vegan Leather Works Of Art

Every woman (and many men) needs a good handbag.

But until recently, there weren’t many vegan handbag brands and vegan leather was outrageously expensive. 

Jill Milan is part of the rising tide of companies committed to changing that. 

A History Of Veganism

Jill Fraser is the founder of Jill Milan (along with Milan Lazich, her partner). 

She’s been a vegan for more than 20 years and had spent 15 years as a vegetarian before that.

And in 2010, Jill realized that it was time that women like her should be able to buy luxurious vegan handbags easily and the brand was born. 

Not only is the business fully ISO9001 certified, it also ensures every employee gets a living wage, health insurance and paid vacation time. 

It’s also PETA approved, something that’s very important to many vegans.

Made In Italy

Whether it’s their awesome clutches or their totally fantastic totes, all Jill Milan’s bags are designed by top designers and then made by ateliers in Italy!

These are the same ateliers working for other major fashion houses such as Bulgari and Donna Karan. 

jill milan shoulder bag

All bags are stitched by hand and completely cruelty-free. 

When you use master craftspeople on real wages to do the manufacturing, the result is a super-stylish product that will last for many years. 

Now, there’s really no excuse to cut the cruelty from owning a bag. 

Final Thoughts On Jill Milan

Every vegan needs a Jill Milan handbag. 

It’s a fashion statement which also says a lot about the owner in terms of their cruelty-free approach to life. 

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