JORD Keeps Stylish & Sustainable Time

JORD is a designer brand operating in the vegan and sustainable fashion space.

They make women’s handbags and for both sexes they also make watches and sunglasses.

Their products are super stylish and inventive! We defy you to visit their website without coveting at least one thing.

The JORD Story

JORD logo

First and foremost, JORD is a watch company which then diversified into other lines.

They say that they consist of a group of marketers, artists, designers and their minders and that together they spend their days in an exciting creative process with plenty of disagreement along the way which focuses on fun and their personal and professional development.

They value “sustainability, efficiency and experiential living” according to the company bio and that means they don’t make watches for people who just have someone to be, they are focused on making watches for people that know they have somewhere to go.

They feel that your watch expresses something about who you are and that, ideally, it ought to help you create memories and focus your mind on the idea that time really does matter and how you spend the seconds of your life should count.

In essence, a watch is meant to tell you more than the time.

Their products only use 100% natural wood which is never treated with toxic chemicals.

They also use stainless steel in their watch clasps and have tested this to ensure that it does not trigger people with nickel allergies.

JORD Handbags

Their handbags are made from a product known as SuberhideTM that is a completely vegan and sustainable material which is derived from Portuguese cork. It is considered to be one of the most durable products in the world.

It is soft and pleasantly textured to the touch. It definitely doesn’t feel like the cork in a wine bottle but much more like a high-quality leather or maybe even a nubuck suede.

It is also completely hypoallergenic, water resistant, flame retardant and very easy to clean. This allows their handbags to be both practical and great looking.

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JORD Sunglasses

jord sunglasses

The sunglasses are wooden frames with Columbia Polarized Resin 39 lenses that are designed to deliver very high levels of optical quality while blocking all the harmful UV radiation.

They have also incorporated a clever spring mechanism in the arms that allows you chances of breaking them by giving them extra flexibility.

One really nice touch is that they explain the origins of all the wood they use with each product description. Transparency is really important.

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JORD Watches

JORD watch made of wood

The watches are the star of the show and they really do need to be seen to be believed as with the sunglasses, they each have the origins of their wood listed alongside them on the website.

They all incorporate high-quality self-winding mechanisms too – if you wear your watch for more than 8 hours a day, it shouldn’t need winding.

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Their new range which incorporates actual coffee in their watch designs, is especially desirable.

If you’re lucky you might be able to find some secondhand JORD products on one of the many online thrift shops.

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