JUST Eggs Made From Plants Not Chickens, Please

JUST eggs are the hottest recent development in vegan cuisine and they are a culinary revelation for vegans. We are big fans of all things plant-based and JUST has hit it out of the park with their egg protein replacement.

just eggs product review

Their plant-based egg made from mung bean is an important product milestone on the road to full integration of vegan and vegetarian choices in everyday life.

They are so good they were recently featured in Bon Appetit magazine. Your scrambled eggs will never be the same!

JUST eggs are for all humans who are looking for a healthier, better tasting, high protein, sustainable vegan breakfast option.

The best thing is, JUST eggs go well with all the usual ingredients you’ve traditionally paired with chicken eggs.

This is a good thing.

just eggs

About JUST

We’ve been very impressed with the JUST Company and their incredible vegan eggs product. In addition to JUST Egg the company offers their JUST Mayo brand as well as Just Ranch and other dressing and cookie dough products.

They are also on the cutting edge of revolutionizing the meat Industry with their vegan meat initiative.

If you’re looking to lead a more sustainable life and reduce the amount of animal product consumption in your life, you have to check them out.

just eggs reviews

What is it that they do? Well, to sum it up the JUST Company makes vegan eggs that don’t involve chickens. In fact, they don’t involve birds at all.

They’re made out of vegetable products. It’s a marvelous process and we’d like to explain why we think this is one of the best product stories ever.

JUST’s founders realized that we all grow up eating fairly unhealthy food. Burgers, cinnamon rolls, stuff out of vending machines, and that’s because it tastes good.

The trouble is that while this garbage does taste good, it ruins our bodies. It helps us get fat and it brings the diseases associated with being overweight. It’s also destroying the planet.

They railed at the injustice of this.

Then they started to dig deeper. What were the big issues in the food system?

They came to the conclusion the biggest problems were:

  • Soy – it’s been linked to huge amounts of problems in the human food chain and it may even cause men to grow breasts
  • Corn – high fructose corn syrup is just a fancy way to say “liquid sugar”
  • Processed sugar – sugar in your diet should be kept to a minimum but processed sugar makes sure it’s not
  • Animal protein – animal farming is often cruel and it uses up more resources than is sustainable

These resources are marshalled together to give us the illusion of an endless food supply. This is, sadly, an illusion.

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There is, however, good news this time! It doesn’t have to be like that.

You don’t have to eat garbage and if we change what we eat – we can change the planet and there will be enough everybody.

JUST began to look at the 300,000+ plus species of food crop around the world to see how they could make certain foods better and they began with eggs.

JUST’s eggs taste like eggs. They look like eggs. They are eggs in every way that matters. Except, of course, they’re not eggs – they’re plant-based. Made from mung beans. They are vegan eggs.

They recently opened a new factory in Minnesota to meet demand and reduces overall costs.

” JUST Egg launched in stores in 2018 and has since displaced the equivalent of more than 10 million chicken eggs. Currently, it costs JUST approximately 20 cents to produce one vegan egg and with its new facility, the company plans to bring that cost down to 4.7 cents per egg in the next two years.”

Veg News

JUST’s Plant-Based Eggs Are A Hit

You don’t have to take our word for it. By August 2019, the JUST company had sold over 10 million eggs all of them made out of plants. That’s a whole lot of plant-based protein and mung beans.

In their new production facility in Minnessota they recently produced 1.5 million vegan egg equivalents in six days.

Their eggs use 98% less water to make than a chicken’s egg. They have a 93% reduction in carbon footprint compared to the chicken too. As impressively, each egg takes up around 14% of the land used to make an actual egg!

So, to date, they’ve saved over 361 million gallons of water, 1.5 million Kg of CO2, and 2.5 million sqm of land!

JUST is on a mission!

Our family here is full of computational biologists from Stanford, and food engineers from Kraft and Campbell’s, and chefs from Michelin-star restaurants. They’re from Apple and General Electric. They’ve come from some of the biggest and most innovative companies in the world to do everything they possibly can, every single day, to increase the probability that, before we die, a fair, honest, and just food system is the food system in every community. So, that’s our mission. It’s 5 years in the making, and we have a long way to go.

5 Best JUST Egg Recipes

Now, it would be remiss of us to talk about the company’s products without talking about the wide variety of food products that you can make with JUST Egg.

just recipes

Sadly, boiled and poached eggs are still out of reach for the moment but there are plenty of other choices that work brilliantly. We particularly like our french toast prepared with our mung bean based eggs vegan-style.

These are our favorites:

  • The momlet.
    A quick and easy omelet that you can make in the microwave. This is the perfect breakfast snack or something to eat when you’re on the go. Or try your favorite scrambled egg preparation.
  • Waffles.
    Yes! Who doesn’t love waffles? This is a superb recipe that uses JUST Egg to make the batter for perfect waffles. We like to dust ours in cinnamon. How do you like yours? We’ve also used JUST egg to make some wonderful french toast.
  • Somen Noodle Stir-fry.
    You need to make some JUST Egg Mayonnaise for this awesome recipe or you can pick up some from their store, ready made for you.
  • Banh Mi Sandwiches.
    The Vietnamese sandwich may be the world’s best-known and best-loved sandwich, today. You can easily make yours using JUST Mayo instead of the mayo you’ve been using. You keep all the taste but rid yourself of the animal produced eggs. The ingredients are straightforward.
  • Breakfast tacos.
    We’ve always though that eggs were best at breakfast and this use of JUST Egg is about perfect. Tacos the way they were meant to be. Mung beans as you never imagined them!
just eggs

Frequently Asked Questions

Are JUST eggs vegan?

Yes. Go for it! Have a scrambled egg!

Is JUST egg refrigerated?

Yes. JUST Egg is a refrigerated product. Freezing JUST Egg is not recommended.

What is JUST egg made of?

JUST egg is made from water, mung bean protein isolate, canola oil, gums, and seasonings.

Does Whole Foods carry JUST egg?

Yes. In fact, JUST egg is now featured in Whole Foods breakfast sandwiches.

Final Thoughts on JUST Eggs

The JUST company is doing more than talking about the environmental problems surrounding us, they’re solving those problems.

They do it an ethical and cruelty free way that leads to a truly sustainable future, why not give them a try?

And in that spirit, you might also appreciate some of these yummy plant based burgers for breakfast too.

They last nearly as long as fresh eggs last too!

For additional resources and strategies for living a natural life check out our guide to natural living here or take a look at some of our favorite thrift stores for inspiration.

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