Keep Chickens! Tending Small Flocks in Cities, Suburbs, and Other Small Spaces

If you’re going to eat a balanced diet, then you should probably consider raising your own chickens?

Why? Because you get free eggs, happy pets, and because you can be sure your eggs haven’t been stuffed with the chemicals and preservatives often used on supermarket eggs.

Why We Love Keep Chickens!

Suburban homesteading may be all the rage at the moment, but a lot of people are intimidated by the idea of raising their own chickens. 

Barbara Kilarski makes it all so simple and you’ll never again need to ask how long fresh eggs last because your eggs will always be fresh!

Keep Chickens!

Everything you need is within the pages from how to choose the right breeds, to where you want to situate a chicken coop (get some plans for your chicken coops here), and even how to look after a sick or injured bird. 

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing better in modern life than raising your own livestock, it helps you to connect to the land and the traditional way of American life. 

But if you live in a city, it’s hard to keep cows or sheep, but almost everyone has enough space to keep chickens and that’s why you need Keep Chickens!

It’s your chance to get an enjoyable hobby that results in super tasty eggs! They make homesteading so much more fun!

You can grab a copy of Keep Chickens! online here.

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