She Came Home Happy From A Date. Then She Posted THIS To Facebook And Minutes Later She Was Dead…

8 Feb , 2016  

There is help for those with suicidal thoughts. This is the message being spread loudly by those who knew Amber Cornwell. This needs to get out there in order to prevent others and their families from having to go through this.

Sadly, her last message was: “If I die tonight, would anyone cry?”

While parents and friends sort out their emotions of how this happened and why, one thing they are saying is how Amber was repeatedly bullied in school. This may have been what led her to commit the act of suicide.

She had just returned from a date with her boyfriend and was in a happy mood. Then that night on December 21st, she posted the Facebook message and then hung herself in her closet. Her parents found her the next day and she was declared dead at the scene. Ever since sixth grade, the bullying issue was present with Amber. When she made honors, became a member of the All County Chorus, and even played on the tennis team, her parents thought the bullying would stop. But it didn’t.

“They were really mean, they’d say stuff to her face, behind her back. They’d message her on Facebook,”Amber’s close friend Stephanie Hernandez said.

Friends and family all arrived at East Henderson High School for the candlelight vigil, completely saddened and shocked. Apparently the school is not being vocal on any of the bullying claims and has remained totally silent about the matter. Amber’s friends and family are taking a completely different approach. They are speaking up. Loudly.

“I don’t want another child to die because of name calling,” Mrs. Cornwell said.

Help make their voices be heard by sharing this story on Facebook and spread the awareness of how acts of bullying can cause acts of suicide.