Kopari Beauty Is Crazy About Coconut Oil And So Are We

Kopari Beauty is a key player in the exploding sustainable, natural cosmetics market both online and offline.

One thing we embrace about sustainable products is that you can directly contribute to the well-being of people in the developing world.

Founded by Kiana Cabell and Gigi Goldman, the company is dedicated to sustainability.

That’s why we’re big fans of Kopari: they use sustainable organic coconut oil and they work with family farms in the Philippines to produce their raw materials!

If you've been searching for natural cosmetics online you've no doubt run across a mention of this company. And for good reason. They've got rave reviews. Great products. And great online customer service.

And we celebrate their dedication to natural, sustainable products.

Why Coconut Oil? What's Up With That?

coconut oil

Most hydrating products require an oil foundation. This is often a synthetic oil derived from a petroleum-based product.

If plastics are a bad idea for the world, so are these oils which are encouraging the destruction of our natural reserves.

Coconut oil is a natural alternative. It’s loaded with fatty acids and that means it provides a wonderful glow for skin, it’s healthy, it keeps you feeling young, supple and smooth.

It also smells great and we appreciate it when products have an enticing aroma.

Kopari Beauty Takes This To The Next Level

Kopari Beauty uses coconut oil as the base for its products and then adds other natural oils to finely tune the properties of the oil to perform exactly the way you would want it to.

They blend in shea butter, aloe vera, hibiscus oil, avocado oil and passion fruit oil as needed to deliver products that are truly sustainable without compromising the performance that you expect.

Gigi and Kiana, the founders say:

“We built Kopari to be a company that believes in creating natural beauty from the inside out, with products that are as pure as possible. And that’s Kopari Beauty in a nutshell.”

Our Favorite Products

We are big fans of the Kopari products. Here's a few of our faves!

Bodycare: Coconut Body Glow

Coconut Body Glow

If you’re going to hit the beach and you want to look healthy and alive while you work on your tan, you need a bottle of their Coconut Body Glow in your bag.

It’s just so wholesome.

We felt 10 years younger when using it and that’s exactly what you need to be your confident best in a swimsuit.

Skincare: Flawless Face Kit

We can’t recommend the Flawless Face Kit enough if you want to give the skincare range a trial. We're daily users. Highyl recommended.

Flawless Face Kit

It contains everything you need to keep your face at its best throughout the day.

Personal Care: Toothpaste Duo

You won’t believe how flexible coconut oil can be when it comes to creating products for your personal care.

You also won’t believe how good the Coconut Toothpaste Duo is, the taste is amazing, and it leaves your teeth so white and smooth!

This is one product we never want to be without.

Overall Thoughts

These are premium natural products and they merit the price tag. Each product is clearly made with love and attention.

Plus, with each purchase you’re supporting sustainable agriculture and the development of one of the world’s poorest nations.

You really cannot go wrong.

If you'd like additional information, resources and tips for clean beauty products check out our Guide to Natural Beauty.

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