Leafsnap App Is Your Digital Field Guide

Have you ever walked past a tree and wonder what kind of tree it was? 

And then forgotten to find out when you’ve arrived home or in the office?

If you have, then you need the Leafsnap app, which is available for both iOS and Android. 

What Is Leafsnap?

Leafsnap is a collection of field guides that have been developed by university and museum researchers in the UK and the United States to make it easy to identify tree species from their leaves.

leafsnap photo

You just take a photograph of the leaf with your phone and then let the app’s built in database do the hard work of identifying it for you. 

Why We Love It!

Leafsnap is a super useful tool that helps us better connect with the planet around us when we take long country walks. 

It’s as useful in the city as in the country, mind you, it doesn’t discriminate, it identifies any tree you want to know more about. 

Final Thoughts

Leafsnap is an amazing app that allows you to make any walk in nature more fun by helping you identify the tree species that you encounter.

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