A group of women students at theUniversity of Queensland in Australia decided to explore gender disparity with some tongue-in-cheek humor in the form of a Gender Pay Gap Bake Sale on Tuesday to celebrate Feminist Week. The response? Rape and death threats.

“Each baked good will only cost you the proportion out of $1.00 that you earn comparative to men (or, if you identify as a man, all baked goods [will] cost you $1.00!)”

And that’s when the backlash began. The more innocuous objections included calling the organizers hypocrites with “asinine comments” and describing it as “completely sexist and discrimination against men.”

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As one of the organizers, Madeline Price writes in an op-ed for the Guardian on Tuesday many comments were considerably uglier.

Some of the comments:

I’m so glad I know this event is on, now I won’t have to sort through all the ugly chicks when I’m out clubbing cos they’ll all be at feminist week instead.

I’d punch a chick if she winked at me at the bake sale.

I want to rape these feminist cunts with their fucking baked goods.

Females are fucking scum, they should be put down as babies.

One person kept it simple with a suggestion to “kill all women.”

“The threat to the safety and lives of women, the silencing of women in public spaces and the wage disparity around the world are still very real issues that impact upon women and other marginalized groups in everyday life,” Price wrote

“The bake sale may be over, but this discussion is just beginning,” she concluded. “And it all started because a couple of male students were upset that they would have to pay $1 for a cupcake.”

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