If you’re not aware of the site Reddit, it’s a place that people typically post humorous photos and memes.

Once in a while it gets more than entertaining. Eye-opening!

Check out these photos that Reddit user SillyPickle posted. They show the clearance aisle of SillyPickle’s local Walmart store, but the items aren’t exactly priced like “clearance.”

SillyPickle noticed that, like most clearance items, the products in the clearance aisle had multiple price tags. When he peeled off the top price tag the one below showed an even lower price than the current advertised price.



He kept finding more and more examples of the phenomenon. An Xbox 360 game called “The Voice: I Want You” had a top price tag of $29.96, but underneath that it was marked as a flat $19.00. And on and on.

The list goes on and on, and SillyPickle posted it all! What’s up with that, Walmart?


One commented suggested: “Likely got shipped in from another store’s clearance section (perhaps a store that was closing with more drastic price cuts). Different markets are going to have different prices. These items might have been determined to sell better where you live.

A spokesperson for Walmart also stated, “This is an isolated incident and a pricing error in this store.

See more photographic proof that the prices are not always necessarily falling on Reddit.


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