Video monitoring and CCTV cameras are part of everyday life now.  But what if you were being recorded in your personal space without any knowledge of it? One female engineer working on an oil rig is claiming that a new addition to her room on board was in fact a recording device. While in her room on the rig, a space she kept typically quite bare, she noticed what looked like a small, white plastic hook on the back of the door of her room.



Upon further examination of the new hook, she realized that it was actually a recording device that had been attached to the door without her knowledge. These small, discreet cameras can be purchased online for only $21.99 on Amazon, and easily attached to pretty much any surface.





Feeling violated, the engineer is now saying “it’s very hard to think about going back” to the rig. According to CNN, she says that the “anxiety and fear of waking up and thinking that this footage could be online is a haunting thing.”

She filed a lawsuit, but was offered a settlement instead, which she rejected. She wanted the incident to be criminally reported and investigated, but claims that from the day she left the rig, she “had zero control”.  The woman’s lawyer was out for very simple answers, such as who put the device up and where was the video footage? Unfortunately, the only information they received was that no one knew anything. Allegedly, no one was aware of who put the device up or how much video there even is available.

The attorney for BHP, Transocean and Aramark said they “believe that the parties responded promptly and with genuine concern in an effort to appropriately address the situation. This included conducting a thorough investigation.” They assert that steps have been taken to ensure that the incident does not take place again in the future.

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