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2020 was the year that everyone who could go outdoors went outdoors. And the outdoors suffered for it.

In fact, many people simply don’t know how to handle being outdoors and without realizing it, they cause harm to the planet by just being there.

The Leave No Trace movement was formed to provide all of us with an ethical approach to spending time outdoors.

They research environmental issues and then provide education and skills to both the public and land management teams as to the cheapest and easiest ways to protect the land.

Leave No Trace Pays Back

This helps to pay for itself by preventing very expensive land reclamation exercises when the damage done becomes irreversible without major intervention.

They seek to prevent trashed natural areas, polluted water, people giving the wrong information about the outdoors and how to enjoy an adventure, wildlife from being put at risk, damage to trails, and destructive fires.

They also hope to help young people better connect with nature.

So, read up on how to be better to the planet before you venture out at Leave No Trace.

Then pick up our guide to visiting national parks and the best places to go glamping and enjoy planning your next trip.

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