Legal Nomads Is Curious About Everything

They say that often the finest things are born out of adversity and that’s certainly true for the current incarnation of Legal Nomads. 

Jodi Ettenberg decided she would work online and see the world and to do so, in 2008, she founded Legal Nomads. 

About Legal Nomads

About Legal Nomads

Legal Nomads was intended as a resource to help others follow in her footsteps and see the world while they worked and earned. 

Then, tragedy struck and in 2017, while undergoing an operation, Jodi’s spine was permanently damaged and she became grounded due to her resulting physical disabilities. 

Why We Love Legal Nomads

Legal Nomads

This didn’t mean that Jodi quit work on her blog but it did mean that she had to reimagine her blog to reflect her real world experiences.

After all, a travel blog from someone who couldn’t travel wouldn’t feel very authentic.

Firstly, she reinvented the blog as a cookery blog and explored the world through food but now? 

She’s decided that’s not big enough to cope with the scope of her ambition and she’s rebranded as “curious about everything.”

Final Thoughts On Legal Nomads

You can, of course, still find all the Legal Nomads travel advice on Jodi’s site and it’s an excellent resource for digital nomads.

Today, however, Jodi’s site is full of wonders for everyone and we can’t recommend Legal Nomads enough. 

If you’re interested in the digital nomad lifestyle, you might also want to check out the rise, fall and death of the digital nomad as well as Nomad Talk.

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