Library Stack Is A Digital Repository With A Difference

Libraries are awesome but why are there no libraries of art and design?

Well, in the analog age this would have been impractical but we’re no longer in the analog age and that’s where Library Stack comes in.

About Library Stack

Library Stack is the ultimate digital library of architecture, art and design. 

It deliberately seeks to deconstruct the difference between “made by” and “made about” these disciplines. 

Thus, it allows for education in art without creating preconceptions. 

You’ll find a ton of awesome PDF zines which have been developed by curators, for example, as well as fully downloadable artists’ exhibitions.

There are sound libraries, fonts, political art and more. 

And best of all, you don’t have to leave your desk to access any of it. 

The Brains Behind Library Stack

Benjamin Tiven and Erik Wysocan came up with the idea for Library Stack in 2015 as they are both artists. 

They collaborated with the University of Yale Library to develop a library which enables real discovery of art and talent. 

They have also developed a licensing model which rewards artists and publishers fairly for their contributions. 

Best of all, Library Stack allows smaller artists and publishers that would otherwise be completely inaccessible to showcase their work to the wider world. 

Final Thoughts On Library Stack

Library Stack is perfect for you if you’re looking for design inspiration or design education. 

It’s one of the most innovative and novel projects we’ve encountered in a long time. 

If you love cool art then you may also enjoy Jill Milan’s work, smart bonsai trees and getting into daisugi.   

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