Living Vehicle Is Mobile Luxury, Redefined

There’s something so appealing about life on the road.

We love pop up campers, teardrop trailers, camper vans, truck campers and the like but they don’t have anything on the Living Vehicle.

The Living Vehicle is like a tiny home, but one built on a permanent travel trailer.

That means you can do more than hit the road, it means you can truly live on it.

Freedom Is Expensive, Mind You

The best things in life are free? Not the Living Vehicle, sadly. It starts at $229,995!

And once you’ve paid up, you can’t just jump in and drive away – there’s a 9-month waiting list for these amazing vehicles.

Hand Made Is Hand Made

To be fair, each one is made by hand and you can customize nearly everything on it, that was always going to take a little time to prepare.

That doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t be, at least, a little frustrated when waiting for one.

However, it does give you time to find the perfect vehicle to tow it and it’s important to realize that you need to liaise with Living Vehicle to make certain that you’ve got enough power to make it move.

Green Credentials

The Living Vehicle is made for living off grid. It has a backup power generator, a redundant power source, a superb solar awning which charges the power source.

It’s a PRO-EV vehicle too, which means it can be charged at any electric vehicle charging station too.

Even The Brochure Is Exclusive

If you want a brochure, it’s not made available to just anyone.

You have to request it on the Living Vehicle website and have it mailed to you personally.

We strongly recommend that you do because even if you can’t afford a Living Vehicle, just yet, it’s an incredible piece of engineering.

PRO-TIP: If your desire for luxury RV adventures has been stoked you may want to consider renting an RV to start.

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