Love Goodly Cruelty Free Subscription Boxes Deliver Beauty And Delight

Love Goodly is one of the most interesting subscription box services we’ve come across this year.

The founders decided to build a subscription beauty box for women but with several differences that elevate what they do above the countless subscription boxes out there.

Love Goodly Subscription box

Cruelty Free And Healthy

The founders of Love Goodly, Justine and Katie, want to ensure that every product they select is both healthy and cruelty free.

This is because Justine has fought and beaten breast cancer and Katie is a long time and highly committed vegan.

That means they always use non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free products and try their best to ensure that they are eco-friendly, GMO-free and organic too.

The Love Goodly subscription box is featured in our annual guide to Natural Beauty.

Value For Money From Love Goodly

cruelty free subscription box service

Each month the box comes with 4-5 products. They are all full-sized.

They include beauty and skincare items as well as some sort of style or home accessory.

Every now and again they throw in some healthy snacks for good measure.

It’s also important to note that you can then buy the individual products from their store.

So after they’ve featured in the box, so you don’t have to hunt around to find suppliers of products that you love.

Empowering Women

Love Goodly was founded by women. It’s led by women and run by women too.

The team is passionate about making sure their subscription boxes deliver on their promise.

One Last Thing, Charity

Every month a portion of the money you spend on your subscription box is given to a good cause.

So, not only does the box do you good but it makes the world a better place too!

Check out Love Goodly today!

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