10 Make-Up Brands That Are Addressing Packaging Waste In The Beauty Industry

Make-Up Brands reduce waste

Packaging waste in the beauty industry is a major problem.

So we’re excited to feature make-up brands that are doing something about this.

There’s no need for endless plastic pollution.

These brands don’t just talk about changing the way we live and saving the planet, they walk the walk.

Check them out!


Colorado’s Ecoroots is a highly sustainable brand – they’re not just trying to eliminate packaging waste, they’re succeeding. 

Their products are nearly all “zero waste” and clearly denoted as such. 

They’re also completely plastic-free and cruelty-free (though some products contain beeswax and are not 100% vegan).

Check out Ecoroots here.

Dab Herb Makeup

Dab Herb runs a zero-waste Etsy store which means that most products come in refillable options (and yes, the refills do save you money, which is pretty cool). 

Their products are also mainly plant-based and organic and they try, wherever possible, to use food-grade ingredients so that you don’t need to panic if a child swallows them.

Check out Dab Herb here.


Ethique is proud to assure you that they are 100% plastic-free across their whole line of beauty products and this New Zealand company wants everyone to #giveupthebottle!

One other awesome thing about Ethique is that they donate the higher of 2% of their turnover or 20% of their profits to charities every single year!

Check out Ethique here.

Clean-Faced Cosmetics

You may get some bags from Clean-Faced Cosmetics that look like plastic but they aren’t they’re biodegradable cellophane that doesn’t contain any plastic. 

All their products are custom-made and are designed with zero waste in mind.  Any packaging they use which isn’t biodegradable is 100% reusable, instead.

Their foundations are among the best that we’ve ever known. (Though we recommend you also check out these foundation brands).

Check out Clean-Faced Cosmetics here.

River Organics

River Organics is fully zero waste and completely vegan too and their lip balms and blush sticks are absolutely out of this world. 

They use organic oils and butters (but not actual butter, of course) to create deliciously moisturizing products that really work and there’s not a hint of beeswax in the range, either.
Check out River Organics here.

Beeyou Organics

As you might expect Beeyou Organics products do contain beeswax and also, sometimes, emu oil which is also not vegan but they do have many zero waste options and are in the process of eliminating all plastic packaging. 

We like the fact you can send any unwanted containers back to them and they will recycle them for you.

Check out Beeyou Organics here.

Fat And The Moon

Fat and the Moon isn’t 100% zero waste but they are getting there and we like their natural healing stance with their products based on old herbalist techniques. 

Their products are all sustainable and eco-friendly and we think you’ll really like their “eye coal” which is kind of like eyeliner but better. 

Check out Fat and the Moon here.

Dirty Hippie Cosmetics

Dirty Hippie doesn’t just ensure that every product they make is zero waste – they are also based inside a zero-waste community in Australia. 

They really do believe that waste is a bad thing. 

We think their reef-safe sunscreen is a cool idea and eliminating nano-particle plastics from this product is an awesome achievement.

Check out Dirty Hippy Cosmetics here.

Empiresquid Organics

Empiresquid started 7 years ago and they’ve been zero waste since their launch and while we love them for that, we really love them for their top-notch anti-aging serums.

They source all their ingredients using Fair Trade principles but, sadly, for now at least they’re not 100% vegan or 100% organic but they are improving daily. 

Check out Empiresquid Organics here.

Nudi Goods

Nudi is a tiny company that believes the ethical way forward is to try and create a “new normal” for the planet. 

Their non-toxic ingredients are great and we found their brow-taming wax to be out of this world in its effectiveness. 

And, of course, they are completely zero waste.

Check out Nudi Goods here