Making Vegan Meat: The Plant-Based Food Science Cookbook

Yes, you read that right, this book is about making gegan meat. 

Now, Mark Thompson’s not pretending he’s making animals, but he thinks there’s a science-based way to produce products that are nearly identical to meat from plants!

Why We Love Making Vegan Meat

Going plant-based is something we think everyone should aspire to, but we won’t pretend that it’s not hard work to make the shift or that we don’t occasionally miss meat and dairy.

Making Vegan Meat

Mark’s book has made a real difference and now we can lay our hands on rather more than just these, admittedly decent, vegan bacon substitutes when we want something “meaty”. 

So, grab your vegan essentials and settle down to learn how to make your own burgers, ribs, fried chicken, and more without harming a single animal!

Final Thoughts On Making Vegan Meat

This book has made a huge difference to our lives and our kids absolutely love it, it’s become so much easier to enjoy a plant-based diet now that we’ve got some authentic vegan substitutes for meat. 

Whether you’re a new vegan or an old hand, you’re going to love how this book expands your diet and brings you so much eating pleasure. 

You can grab a copy of Making Vegan Meat online here.

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