Melie Bianco Is Seriously Animal Friendly

Melie Blanco is a brand that believes in telling it like it is. They say that the number one by-product of the meat industry is leather and that reducing sales of leather, by replacing it with vegan leather, makes the world more animal friendly.

Melie Bianco is one of a growing number of vegan handbag brands that is really making a difference to the world.

About Melie Bianco

Recently featured on the cover of Vogue UK and having won a PETA UK Vegan Fashion Award, Melie Bianco is one of the industry’s big up and coming handbag brands producing beautiful products with vegan leather.

In addition to being 100% vegan, they’re also sweatshop free.

karlie bone handle bag

They’ve introduced a unique working model into the Chinese environment and their workers are fairly paid, get proper breaks, free lunches, paid vacations and profit shares!

They’re the kind of brand that makes it easy to get behind them. 

Our Favorite Products

We always feel spoiled for choice when we shop with this brand but we’ve narrowed this down to our two absolute favorites.

For special occasions we use the Cleo Black Small Convertible Belt Bag with pride, it goes perfectly with a little black dress.

cleo small convertible belt bag

And for more day-to-day use the Karlie Bone Medium Top Handle Bag is elegant and so different that it really attracts attention and we can’t get enough of that!

Final Thoughts On Melie Bianco

We love brands that reject cruelty in fashion, there’s just no need for it and we love Melie Bianco’s style too.

We’re sure that they could give you more reasons than we can to switch to vegan leather. If you’re still on the fence check out our ten good reasons to switch to vegan leather here.

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