Milady Skin Care and Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary

Have you ever wanted to better understand what goes into your beauty products?

Then you need the Milady Skin Care and Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary from Cengage.

The dictionary was compiled by M. Varinia Michalun and their background in cosmetics and their ingredients globally brings a wealth of inside knowledge to the fore.

Cosmetic Ingredients

The Best Guide You’ll Find To Ingredients

Ever since clean beauty influencers turned us onto clean beauty makeup products, we’ve wondered how we could easily validate the ingredients.

Well, this book makes it easy. You just grab your favorite clean eye cream, for example, and then look up the ingredients and see what they do. 

It doesn’t get much easier than that and it’s fascinating to learn which ingredients are meant to have which effect on your look. w

One Thing Is Missing

We really like the Skin Care and Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary but we’re disappointed that it doesn’t touch on potential controversy regarding ingredients.

It has the facts, but it’s missing some of the conjecture that can help you spot potential problems as they arise rather than after they are confirmed.

That doesn’t change the fact, though, that this is the best dictionary of ingredients on the market today and we think it’s an invaluable resource. 

Grab your copy online here.