The Modern A-Frame Is A Photographic Delight

We’re big fans of A-Frame houses. Our cabin porn addiction is no secret.

In fact, we wrote a guide to finding kits to build your own A-Frame. It’s a surprisingly easy way to build your own home.

Ben Rahn and Chad Randl are big fans too and that’s what triggered their desire to publish The Modern A-Frame.

The Modern A Frame

This Is Not A “How To” Guide

We need to stress that this book is not a “how to” guide. You won’t find instructions in this book that enable you to build or maintain an A-Frame house.

It’s more of an homage to the design and a guide to the possibilities of the A-Frame when you let your imagination run wild. In fact, the publication has it’s own website with a sampling of what to expect in this beautiful book.

A Stunning Architectural Vision

It’s a stunning large format paperback packed to the gills with images of A-Frame cabins in different parts of the world in all their glory.

Inside, you will find the stories of these cabins and how they came to be. You’ll see them inside and outside and how they fit with their environments.

modern aframe

Rahn and Randl explore the way that the A-Frame, which is a long-standing tradition, has been reinvented for our time and the contribution that it makes to our architectural heritage.

Whether you’re considering living off grid or you’re just a fan of beautiful design we think you’re going to really enjoy the Modern A-Frame, just don’t go in expecting an instruction manual and you won’t be disappointed.

You can find the Modern A-Frame by Ben Rahn and Chad Randl online.

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