The Modern House Bus: Mobile Tiny House Inspirations

The tiny house movement is in full flow now and we don’t think that there’s anyone who hasn’t considered downsizing their life, reducing their costs and living with only what they need.

However, if you’re going to make your life in a smaller space, why not make that space mobile?

That’s the question posed and answered in The Modern House Bus by Kimberley Mok.

The Modern House Bus

The Skoolie

A Skoolie is someone who lives in a converted bus, often someone who lives in a converted school bus (hence the nickname).

A bus, when properly remodeled, can make for a spacious home.

modern house bus review

It’s often safer and easier to drive than an RV or a camper van and may even paint less of a target for thieves when you’re on the road (who burgles a bus?

Kimberly Mok’s fantastic book delves into the life of Skookies around America.

She examines their quest for financial and personal freedom while seeing the country that they love and saving a fortune in the bargain.

Almost A Guidebook

We reviewed Will Sutherland’s Skoolie! recently and if you want a guide on converting a school bus into a home that’s probably the book for you.

But if you want ideas on just exactly what you can do with a converted school bus then you’ll want Kimberley’s book too.

With dozens of photographs and ideas for transforming the living space inside a school bus, this is the real deal if you want to live free and live well.

You can find The Modern House Bus: Mobile Tiny House Inspirations by Kimberley Mok online.

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