Modern Pioneering Is Essential Reading For Homesteaders

If you want to run a modern homestead, then Modern Pioneering may be the book that you’ve been looking for.

The emphasis is on self-sufficiency and growing your own food to cook. 

Of course, before you cook anything – we’d recommend that you invest in some non-toxic cookware but once you have that, you’ll want to curl up with Georgia Pellegrini’s excellent book. 

Modern Pioneering

Modern Pioneering Is A Road Map To The Freshest, Healthiest Recipes

In the book, you’ll find 100 recipes that teach you how to harvest your crops and then use them in gorgeous meals (possibly made in an instant pot). 

But there’s much more to this book than a list of recipes – you’ll also find tips galore on how to build a garden in a small space and get the most productivity out of it. 

DIY Projects Too

Then there are all sorts of cool projects that aren’t directly related to eating such as making lanterns or notecards.

Finally, there’s a great tip on how to make a 48-hour survival kit which can then be stowed in an Altoids tin!

So, don’t miss out, grab a copy of Modern Pioneering by Georgia Pellegrini, today.

You can grab a copy online here.

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