What Are The Most Profitable Crafts To Sell ?

We are champions of all things craft-based here at Whole People. We celebrate makers and empower beginners.

We love making candles, dyeing our own clothes and making soap. but that’s just scratching the surface of the things that people can create at home.

And more to the point, who said you have to make things for yourself? 

Why not make things to sell and that’s why we’ve worked out what are the most profitable crafts to sell.

Top 10 Profitable Crafts To Sell

  1. Kitchen crafts. That is things made in the kitchen (like our candles and soap) and the good news is that most of these products are consumable. Once you’ve created a market for your creations – you’ve also created repeat customers. 
  2. Garden crafts. That is making things out of what you grow in your garden from dried flowers to herbal infusions to simply garden produce. There’s always demand for this.
  3. Textile crafts. If you can knit, sew, work leather, etc. then people are always willing to pay a premium for bespoke clothing. You can also sell any patterns that you create. 
  4. Wood crafts. You’ll find that Etsy and Artfire are excellent places to sell anything that you can make out of wood. It’s a highly competitive field but the rewards are high too.
  5. Photography. Everyone has a camera today, thanks to their smartphones and it’s not as hard as you might think to sell photos, particularly stock photography
  6. Glass crafts. Don’t expect to sell hundreds of pieces but glass work such as lamps, stained glass, sculpture, etc. are popular and buyers are happy to pay a premium for something unique.
  7. Paintings. Of course, material costs can be quite expensive but even an amateur can sell a piece for decent money. We find that working with a local gallery or cafe is your best bet for this.
  8. Pottery. You can make a whole lot of different products as a potter and the more unique, the more people will pay. Etsy is a great place to sell pottery. 
  9. Metal crafts. If you can make it out of metal, somebody out there is looking to buy it. From art pieces to practical items – the key is to find a niche and then make a name in it.
  10. Jewelry. Given the year round popularity of jewelry, if you want a craft that has no “seasonality” jewelry making would be it. Online selling is all about learning to photograph pieces to the best effect. 

Final Thoughts On Crafting For Cash

Of course, it doesn’t matter too much, what are the most profitable crafts to sell.

The place where you are likely to do best is the one where your talents get the chance to shine.

So, make sure to pick something you love and excel at and focus your efforts there, the rewards will follow.