Erin White, an American photographer living in Germany, is passionate about her project to empower moms through body positivity and normalizing breastfeeding worldwide. She recently posted her series of photographs on Bored Panda and you can find her on Facebook as well.

I’m glad there are so many women that choose to be brave and stand up for breastfeeding and body positivity. It takes a lot of courage to decide to make yourself vulnerable and stand up with others for a cause. We are attention seeking, but for good reason. If you have never encountered negative reactions to your breastfeeding in public (or in general) then you can consider yourself lucky. We are fighting and creating this art to support new moms everywhere. The state I am from, Virginia, for example JUST this month, 2015, made a law saying moms could breastfeed anywhere without being asked to leave. 2015! I’m not sorry you are seeing breastfeeding mothers everywhere – be it art or real life.

You can choose to embrace the “beauty standards” imposed on you by society, or lift yourself up (and other women) and realize how beautiful you are. I understand it’s not an easy thing to do, but trying to bring others down with you and your insecurities is not the way to go. It’s fine if you don’t like the images, but we should be standing together as mothers, instead of shaming each other. You are part of the reason we felt the need to do this movement. I hope every new mom comes out of this movement knowing how beautiful they are and more confident about breastfeeding in public.