15 Natural Skin Care & Organic Skin Care Brands We Recommend

Having healthy, radiant skin goes beyond just looking good – it’s essential for your overall well-being. Your skin acts as a barrier, protecting you from daily exposure to viruses, bacteria, and even sun damage. It even produces vitamin D, crucial for many bodily functions.

While aging is inevitable, we can embrace it gracefully. That’s where natural, organic skincare comes in. These products are not only gentle on your skin, but also on the environment – a win-win, especially for those with sensitive skin or acne concerns.

Confused by all the organic skincare choices? We’ve got you covered!

We understand that navigating the world of natural skincare brands can be overwhelming. This curated list answers your questions, from “What’s the best organic moisturizer?” to “Are there natural foundations and serums?”

Here’s why natural ingredients are key

Organic skincare products prioritize natural ingredients like aloe vera, jojoba oil, and coconut oil, all free from cruelty to animals. You might even see ingredients that look scientific, like hyaluronic acid. Don’t be alarmed! This naturally occurring ingredient is fantastic for your skin and overall tone.

Give your skin the best with nature’s finest!

This carefully selected list of organic skincare brands is your starting point for a healthy, glowing complexion.

Pai | Perfect For Sensitive Skin

natural organic skincare brands

Pai products come in gorgeous packaging but we think the primary reason for opting for this brand is that the products are designed for sensitive skin.

You’ll find nothing but top-quality plant ingredients in their range and you won’t find any chemical horrors hiding away either.

We’re big fans of their Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream.

It won’t flare your eczema while it clears your dead skin cells and it won’t leave you with oily skin either. Whatever your skin type even if you have combination skin, you’ll love this product.

It is a sumptuous moisturizer that leaves you feeling relaxed and in control of your day. Don’t leave it out of your natural skincare routine.

100% Pure Is A Bold Claim That They Are Happy To Deliver On

100% Pure

100% Pure says that they focus on vegan, cruelty-free and US made natural organic skincare products.

We think that ticks all the ethical boxes that we’re looking for when we choose an organic skin care brand.

Their packaging is also completely reusable and then recyclable, being eco-friendly at it’s finest.

We’d suggest you start with their Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream which rather than make your eyes hyperactive, helps to de-puff and brighten them, instead. Skin health has never been so easy to achieve!

If you like great eye creams, don’t miss our faves here.

It’s a moment of real luxury in a busy world. We’re very happy that we added their natural skincare products to our natural skin care regimen.

United and Free Are Plant-Based Skincare Specialists

united and free best skincare organically

The Canadian contenders, United and Free, are still fleshing out their range but the products that they do sell are excellent and cruelty-free.

Unlike many other naturalskincare brands – they’re also gender neutral with no focus on male vs female whatsoever.

Their Unity Natural Shave Lotion really does help cut down on razor burn, nicks, redness and cuts and the mix of sea kelp and sea butter is absolutely fantastic when it comes to moisturizing as  you shave.

OSEA Is Gluten-Free Goodness

osea natural and organic products

OSEA has been running for over 20 years and is one of the oldest skin care brands in our round up and it’s completely cruelty free.

They specialize in products that are “healthy for you and the earth”.

Everything is made with all-natural plant-based ingredients (and yes, that means they’re vegan compatible).

Their Red Algae Mask is exactly what you need when you want to rescue problem skin. We found that skin irritation disappeared and left us with only glowing skin. (We’ve got a guide to homemade facial masks too).

The skin’s outer layer is responsible for a lot of collagen production and this helped to moisturize and heal that layer on all skin types it was tested on.

It’s completely non-drying and the anti-aging benefits are visible after only a few uses!

Organic Nation Is Luxury Organic Excellence

certified organic natural skincare

Organic Nation products are absolutely luxurious and they check off all the ethical wish list with room to spare.

As you’d expect from this brand it’s all based on organic farming and all natural ingredients rather than traditional beauty industry chemicals (which might cause skin cancer, who knows?).

They know exactly what they’re doing too with more than a quarter of a century’s experience in producing super organic skin care.

Whether you have acne prone skin, combination skin, or other skin type, you should be happy with their products as part of your natural skin care routine.

Their More than Rose Hydration Mist is one of our favorites, the delicate blend of aloe vera with bio-active Australian super berries keeps you hydrated and feeling fresh in an instant and it fits perfectly into a purse too!

True Botanicals Is Truly Sustainable

true botanicals sustainable skincare

True Botanicals has won a number of awards for its commitment to sustainable and safe skincare. If you want certified natural products this is a brand you can trust.

In fact, their skincare is even certified “pregnancy safe” which may be important to expecting moms. They only use certified organic ingredients in their organic skin care products.

If you don’t know what you want, you can always take the skin care quiz they offer on their homepage or you can skip that and get shopping.

We love their clear pure radiance oil which combats those awkward breakouts and helps cut down on the aging process. Cold pressed essential oils are amazing for dry skin and they help to bring essential fatty acids too.

It has a beautiful gentle scent which always makes us feel good and you’ll find that it really helps to moisturize skin too.

It’s expensive, so we don’t use it in our daily skin care routine, but we think it’s good value for money because it lasts a long while.

Juice Beauty Is A Brand That Gives Back

juice beauty products

We’re huge admirers of Juice Beauty and have been since they opened in 2005. We think of them as pioneers of natural skin care. They’re also one of our fave cruelty-free brands.

They use genuinely clinically tested natural ingredients which are completely vegan.

They have committed to and achieved a reliance on sustainable energy sources for their production process too. You can’t go wrong with their ethical credentials.

Their Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Cream doesn’t come cheap but it’s worth every cent and it’s good for people’s skin tone too. (You might find these other amazing anti-wrinkle creams appealing too).

Their blend of fruit stem cells (which isn’t as creepy as it might sound) and Vitamin C-based grape formula is an absolute powerhouse at turning back the clock.

You’ll feel so much younger when you use this that you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life!

Seascape Is A Very Affordable Form Of Goodness

seascape natural affordable beauty products

Seascape is one of the most affordable brands on our list.

It’s a shame as we’d hope to see a few more eco-friendly brands start to enter the value space soon – saving the planet shouldn’t only be an option for those with a lot of spare cash.

We really enjoyed using their Refresh Hand Lotion which blends Jersey Lavender with Lemongrass and Geranium with a Shea Butter base.

It makes your hands feel soft and super without making them oily. It’s one of the best natural moisturizer feels you can get and without breaking the bank!

The Soap Co. Is A British Touch To Skin Care

the soap company natural shampoo

Staying in the UK, we turn to The Soap Co which not only creates beautifully ethical skincare products but also promotes hiring disabled or otherwise disadvantaged people and aims to create 60 jobs for these sectors a year.

All their soaps are made with natural mineral water from the Lake District and they all employ as little packaging as they can get away with and it’s eco-friendly too.

Check out their Bergamot & Mint soap which is absolutely lovely and perfect for exfoliating with!

The Beauty Chef Is Bringing On The Bio-Fermentation

beauty chef organic beauty elixir

This organic skin care products brand from Australia is a big deal Down Under and so it should be.

They work with naturopaths and best natural nutritionists to create bio-active products that take advantage of bio-fermentation (a natural fermentation process) to bring serious skin care benefits.

The Beauty Chef is definitely different.

Check out their AM to PM kit which is designed to promote inner beauty at all times of the day. It consists of “inner beauty” powders which you digest and unleash the power of them on your skin from within!

Nourish Organic Is The First USDA Certified Organic Skincare

nourish botanical beauty products

Not only was Nourish Organic the first ever USDA certified organic brand in skin care but they’re also one of the best natural brands at giving back to the community they serve.

They donate to many different charities including Meals on Wheels and any surplus stock they have is donated to World Vision.

Our top pick from their product range is the Lightweight Moisturizing Face Lotion which softens and nourishes your skin and allows your natural radiance to shine forth. Some of their products also offer some sun protection. Though if you’re looking for a natural sunscreen – check out our fave natural sunscreens here.

The ingredients include Moroccan argan oil and Shea Butter and together they’re superb on your skin.

NOTO Botanics Is Aiming For The Right Kind Of Notoriety

noto organic beauty products

NOTO Botanics is called that because “NOTO” is apparently short for “notoriety”. They’re still one of the best natural brands.

And that’s because, they’re aiming for the right kind of notoriety because they’re all about truly sustainable formulas and organic natural ingredients. They’re also all about giving back to local social causes as well as sponsoring charitable giving on a regular basis.

Their Moisture Riser (see what they did there?) cream is one of our top choices.

We found that it really did boost the moisture levels in our skin and better still, the impact was a lasting one.

It’s not cheap but it’s also one of the better value products in our tests and we wholeheartedly approve of that. It’s for a high-end skin care routine that produces a natural skin look every time.

One Love Organics Is Award Winning Skincare

onelove organic natural products

The Devil may have gone down to Georgia but what he found there would have been One Love Organics, promoting a love for each other and for the world at large. Which is probably why he didn’t hang around.

As one of the well-known and renowned natural organic skincare brands they have won a ton of awards for their superb products and deservedly so. They’re also truely cruelty-free too!

Check out the One Love Skin Dew Coconut Water Cream which is designed to promote healthy balance in your skin by hydrating, moisturizing, and softening fine lines.

It’s great for all skin types and we found that it was very lightweight too.

Kinvara Skincare Is Low Maintenance Brilliance

kinvara skincare

Kinvara hails from the Emerald Isle (that’s Ireland) and it’s a super low maintenance brand which is guaranteed to treat you and the planet just right.

Their products have been nominated for several awards and it’s easy to see why – they’re all top quality.

Check out their Eye Wow! Eye Serum which combines 12 different plant extracts to reduce lines, puffiness and dark circles.

They also have natural plumping agents to ensure your eyes always feel and look refreshed!

Lulu & Boo Is Recognized By The Soil Association

lul and boo natural organics

Lulu & Boo is a major award-winning natural and organic skincare brand and has even been recognized by the Soil Association!

Their products are formulated to cleanse, nourish and rejuvenate and they do it brilliantly! They source only the finest certified organic ingredients, essential oils (if you’re just looking for essential oils by the way, we have them here) and plant extracts.

We’re huge fans of their Jasmine & Vanilla Bath Oil which helps you relax while it ensures your skin stays hydrated and in tip-top condition.

Looking for additional information about organic and natural skin care products? Don’t miss our guide to natural beauty here.