10 Common Natural Skincare Ingredients Explained By Science

We strongly believe that everyone should use natural skincare and clean, natural beauty ingredients in their products. They are kind to your skin and they are kind to our common environment. 

But what exactly are these ingredients and what should we look for when shopping for our favorite natural organic skin care brands or clean beauty brands?

How do you tell if that organic face oil is really organic and natural? What about those clean eye creams

With that in mind, we’ve put this quick guide to some of the most common clean ingredients and why they are used in our favorite natural skincare products. 

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is either the sap or the gel from the plant and it’s used specifically for its soothing properties on skin.

You’ll find it in sunburn care and countless other forms of skincare products because it’s terrifically moisturizing.

You can buy aloe vera as a plant or as a gel form and we’ve got a list of aloe vera gel brands for you.

Coconut Oil

It’s hard to find natural skincare products without coconut oil. It’s a natural and plentiful ingredient that is great for your body. We love it!

It’s great for removing makeup as a heavy duty moisturizer and barrier and you can even use it raw to soften your skin!


We love a bit of menthol and this essential oil delivers that beautiful scent as well as both anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

It’s great for dealing with bites, acne and more. 

Ginger Root

It’s got spice, a lovely bouquet and it’s a fantastic anti-oxidant and an excellent anti-inflammatory agent too.

It’s excellent at keeping fungal conditions at bay. 

Jojoba Oil

A native American favorite, jojoba moisturizes and kills bacteria while acting as an anti-inflammatory too.

It’s one of the best ingredients for anti-aging properties and contains a ton of vitamin E.

Lavender Oil

Lavender is an all-round great and that fresh scent is really desirable too.

It’s best used for its healing properties and you won’t go wrong if you use it on burns to keep the scarring to a minimum. 


Oats might seem like a curious ingredient in skincare.

They act as an excellent natural exfoliating agent really opening up your pores and encouraging the trapped dead cells to get out of there.


Oddly, patchouli is a distant cousin of mint though the heady nose of patchouli won’t give you any clues to that relationship.

It works best when used for anti-inflammatory purposes and it’s great at dealing with swelling even with conditions such as arthritis. It’s also an anti-astringent


Sandalwood, in common with many other clean beauty ingredients, is excellent for antiseptic use and as an anti-inflammatory.

But where it really excels is as cicatrizant which means that it can help your skin shed scar tissue and heal much more quickly than you’d expect it to without the sandalwood. 

Tea Tree Oil

Our favorite ingredient for zapping zits is tea tree oil which excels at getting rid of acne.

It’s also one of the best antifungal agents going and can help with anything from athlete’s foot to dandruff. Oh and it smells fantastic too. It’s an ingredient that we’re always happy to see in clean beauty products. 

There’s no good reason not to use natural skincare & clean beauty ingredients. 

They don’t have to be expensive, there are plenty of options to suit all budgets, today.  They’re kind to you and they’re kind to the planet.  And most of all, they’re easy to find thanks to the internet. 

Don’t let anything hold you back, now that you’re a more informed clean, natural beauty consumer.