The Nature of Nature: Why We Need The Wild

The Nature of Nature

We’re always told that we need health insurance and it may be that the act of protecting nature is the best health insurance of them all.

That’s the case that Enric Sala makes in The Nature of Nature and he also explores the economic benefits of saving the world. 

Why We Love The Nature of Nature

Enric Sala isn’t some eco-kook with a drum to bang. He is the Director of the Pristine Seas project at National Geographic

That means at every step he walks us through the science on the benefits of being better to the planet and often to counterintuitive results (such as “why we need more sharks”). 

We also get to share in Enric’s journey from academic to activist and how we can work with nature to save humanity. 

It’s nice when you have a top expert on your side in the fight to save the planet, it’s even better when that expert shows that really – you’re also fighting to save yourself and the ones you love.

Want to start saving the planet?

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