10 Nature Subreddits You Will Love Reading

Reddit can be a brilliant resource and it can be really hard work too. A lot depends on the subreddit that you join as to the experience that you get from the site.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of awesome subreddits for you to get news and information about the natural world without any hassle from those that dwell in the dark corners of Reddit. Enjoy!


From news and current events to pretty much any nature-related issue. /r/sustainability is our daily dose of focused content that really does help improve your understanding of the natural world and how we can protect it.

This subreddit is free of the toxicity that plagues much of Reddit and is fun and enjoyable to be a part of.

You can visit them here.


Even better than the wholesomememes subreddit which isn’t nature-focused is /r/BabyElephantGIFs.

This is, perhaps, the most wholesome place on the internet, and everyone shares pictures and videos of baby elephants and then hangs around to make the appropriate cooing noises over the cuteness. We can’t get enough of it!

You can visit them here.


The ecology subreddit is one of the big beasts of Reddit and that means it’s packed with science, history, and news that really gets to the important topics concerning ecology and the greater environment.

There’s even, occasionally, something very funny posted here to help brighten up your day but, by and large, they focus on articles that are very meaningful.

You can visit them here.


The world is drowning in trash and the /r/zerowaste subreddit wants to stop that.

It’s a great place to post when you’re wondering what the best way to dispose of something is and the discussions are always lively and friendly.

You can visit them here.


As you might expect, you can find everything environment-related in this subreddit and people share everything from articles to obscure points of science here.

There are a lot of different topics each day and if you visit, you’re not expected to browse them all – just the ones that interest you.

You can visit them here.


If you want charming pictures of nature in each post with nothing to distract you from the glory of the world around you.

This is the subreddit for you and you’re welcome to make your own contribution too – videos are especially welcome in this subreddit.

You can visit them here.


The best subreddit for all things nature-related is, perhaps unsurprisingly, /r/nature.

The discussions here come from every corner of the Internet but they are all had with the objective of making the planet a better place to be present on and we can’t really argue with that.

You can visit them here.


It doesn’t get much more natural than gardening and it’s one of the best ways that we can think of to bond with nature.

But gardening is also pretty complicated and this subreddit makes it super easy to reach out for some help and learn more about your garden.

You can visit them here.


/r/Science has a heavy political bias and it’s important to recognize that as it often colors the subreddit’s approach to the way it reports science.

However, if you can tolerate the bias, there’s a host of useful information on the sub too and they collate much of the latest research in one easy to digest resource.

You can visit them here.


Sorry about the profanity, it’s theirs, not ours. But curse words or not, this is the most heart-warming and wonderful natural subreddit out there.

This simply celebrates all the awesome things that occur in the natural environment and it’s a great place for video, photos, memes, etc. that just blow you away with brilliance.

You can visit them here.

Yes, we know that the Reddit community can be hard work sometimes but there’s always a great subreddit for each interest and the best subreddits provide a great community that is separate from the large Reddit environment.

They share all the latest news and issues related to new stuff in that field and often they can illuminate a scientific study or environmental technology in a way that you might not get without being a member of a particular subreddit or similar subreddits.