New Music World Is Making Change (One Song At A Time)

“Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music,” said the master of the guitar, Jimi Hendrix.

It’s never been more true, either. This world needs to be changed and that means we need more music, and that’s why we’re so excited about the launch of New Music World!

New Music World

About New Music World

New Music World is a newcomer to the music blog scene but they’ve got an exciting mission to help us connect with new music and to feel the truth in music that Jimi felt. 

And it’s been a great start, we were really impressed with their list of the best songs about the moon, there were a few on there that we hadn’t come across before.

Why We Love New Music World

They don’t take themselves too seriously and that makes it easier to enjoy what they have to offer, sure they’ve got a list of essential music books (that everyone should read) but they balance that with a tongue-in-cheek list of the best songs to listen to while you’re high.

We also love them because they’re helping the musicians of the future with their guides to the best digital audio workstations and the best laptops to run them on.


New Music World Is Making Change (One Song At A Time)

Final Thoughts On New Music World

There’s a lot coming in the future on New Music World and we genuinely can’t wait for the reviews, interviews, guides and more that will help us remember as Hans Christian Andersen said, “Where words fail, music speaks.”