Is Vaseline Cruelty-Free?


Everyone knows Vaseline, and almost everyone uses Vaseline too. It’s a brand that’s been around for nearly 150 years but is it cruelty-free? Well, it’s not as straightforward as you might think.  Is Vaseline Vegan?    In the strictest sense of…

Guide to Micro-Dosing For The Apocalypse


We start with a warning that we do not condone breaking the law. We intend this to be an explanation as to what micro-dosing is rather than an instruction to go ahead and do it yourself. We urge you to…

Humanity Is Doomed, According to Young People

dont look up

The Lancet recently published a shocking survey in which it found that more than half of young people today believe that the human race is doomed. Additionally, more than three quarters of them believe that the “future is frightening.” As…

Can You Freeze Mason Jars?

Frozen Mason Jar

If you have mason jars lying around at home (and who doesn’t?), you’re probably wondering if you can fill them with stuff and put them in the freezer?  Well, the answer is reasonably straightforward according to the experts that we…

Homage to Gaia Is Lovelock Autobiography

James Lovelock

James Lovelock was the scientist who invented Gaia Theory, that of a biosphere which acts as a single complex system which we can affect as it, in turn, affects us. Homage to Gaia is his life story and it was…

From Eros to Gaia Is Freeman Dyson Classic


Many of our favorite books on Gaia Theory are those based in science, but Freeman Dyson’s From Eros to Gaia approaches the idea from a different viewpoint.  Instead of science, he uses philosophy and the history of spirituality in the…

Organic Wild Bird Giveaway

wild bird

We’ve gone to the birds! Win $1,200+ of birding supplies & a year’s worth of organic wild bird seed! Click to Enter

Our Favorite Sustainable Fashion Designers

Sustainable Fashion Designers

Sustainable fashion wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and creativity of the best sustainable fashion designers. We’ve rounded up a selection of our favorites for you to get to know better.  Some of them even deliver affordable, ethical clothing…