Nomad Talk Is Post-Covid Sustainable Travel Companion

It’s hard to be a truly sustainable nomad. That’s because flying isn’t great for the planet.

Our friends at Nomad Talk try to keep flying to a minimum though and they offer an interesting perspective on Digital Nomadism in a post-covid world.

Digital Nomad Open Road

A Balanced Worldview

a balanced worldview

We feel like most digital nomad sites try to sell the positives of living and working on the world, while furiously glossing over the downsides.

Nomad Talk takes a more balanced approach and offers a handy guide to avoiding scams, for example, both as a traveler and as a digital nomad.

Happy To Travel

That doesn’t mean that Nick and Megan Barang that run the site are anti-nomad, of course, they’re not – they’ve been traveling the world together for years now but it does mean they keep it ethical.

happy to travel

You can get a sense of the joy they feel in meeting new people and visiting new places in their full country guides to places in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam and the Philippines

People Like Us

They also offer tips on subjects dear to our heart like slow travel, living sustainably, and even on how to meditate and do yoga on the road. 

Their holistic approach to life when you’re working on the road helps to set people up for real success rather than the disappointment many feel when things go wrong. 

people like us

Of course, if you’ve kept an eye on Whole People’s bylines, you’ll also know they do a bit of work for us every now and again too – which is another reason to love Nomad Talk, at least for us.

Check out Nomad Talk today and then, afterwards, check out two other sites that we love Inhabitat and The Good Trade

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