Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

The Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth is a classic Buckminster Fuller book.

Contrary to popular belief, human concern about our environment and the impact we have on our planet is not new.

In fact, many people have raised issues and potential solutions overs the years.

No one more so than Buckminster Fuller, one of the greatest thinkers and scientists of his age.

In 1969, he published Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth.

Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

Seven Essays Full Of Hope

It’s important to realize that the Operating Manual isn’t a “book” per se, it is, instead, a collection of seven essays that examined the future of humanity and how to avoid extinction.

He wanted to “exercise our option to make it” and address our very survival as a species.

One topic he took on was simply light years ahead of its time, he examined how automation might affect our lives and the impact it would have on our individuality and culture.

The Spaceship Earth

He also wanted to tackle how we might be able to eliminate poverty through effective resource management.

The Spaceship Earth

Buckminster Fuller saw the earth as a spaceship passing through space with us on board.

He saw the importance of sustainability that could be achieved through “innovation in design” and he wanted to do this within as ethical framework as possible.

Sure, some of the material here hasn’t aged as well as it might have done but much of it still feels cutting edge.

The Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth ought to be compulsory reading for every modern environmentalist.

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