Organic Basics Are Eco-Friendly And Ethically Made

Looking for a highly ethical fashion brand that builds clothing to last and thus minimize waste?

Then you might be looking for Organic Basics a company that’s obsessed with delivering sustainability in fashion and reducing our impact on the world around us.

Organic Basics See The Dirt In The Fashion Industry

Organic Basics is blunt about this – they say the fashion industry is dirty and it needs to be cleaned up.

They urge consumers to ask more questions:

“Where is my stuff made? Who was responsible for making it? How was it made? What went into this?”

They say that as they’re your clothes, the most positive step you can take is to become informed about them. Join the fashion revolution!

It’s much harder for people to sneak the unethical past you when you’re taking an active role in buying clothes.

Organic Basics Founders

They also say that we should buy fewer clothes and instead of building up a wardrobe full of disposable products, we should look for things that last and can be depended on. (these days I rarely buy “new” and even then it’s usually second-hand, used, well-worn, pre-loved, etc from one of the online thrift stores with the shortest shipping distance.)

organic basics chart

And Organic Basics warn against the phenomenon of greenwashing which is where corporations use specific kinds of language to try and convince you they’re going green but aren’t.

How Do Organic Basics Work?

The company’s approach to manufacturing is incredible. Absolutely no child labor or forced labor, of course.

They insist every worker gets a fair, living wage and that they are fed while they work and even ensure that they have access to childcare and healthcare. Respect is mandatory in their factories.

Then they handpick every fabric to ensure that it’s ethical and that it’s durable. Renewable, recycled and biodegradable are the standards that they live by.

One thing we love about this brand is that they publish an annual report detailing their impact on the planet.

You can see how what they do benefits the planet and all the people and creatures on it. This is something we wish that every eco-friendly brand could deliver.

peta approved vegan products

They are more than carbon neutral as they purchase an offset for 100Kg of CO2 for every order they receive and that means they offset more CO2 than they use!

What Do They Sell?

Organic Basics has a large range of products.

basic underwear and activewear

They sell clothes for both men and women from underwear to activewear and all in a choice of different sustainable fabrics too.

You can pick up accessories too that also meet their high production standards.

We like the fact that you can save with bulk buying.

Plus, they also sell “climate credits” which allow you to offset the impact of some of your more damaging daily activities on the planet and, in particular, the damage caused by flying (particularly internationally).

Final Thoughts on Organic Basics

There’s a lot to like about Organic Basics.

This is a brand which goes above and beyond a verbal commitment to the planet.

They are willing to measure themselves against a tough yardstick for their success in achieving real results for the environment.

We’d love to see other companies adopt these sorts of standards.

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