Organic Bedroom Transformation For A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep deprivation was considered a form of torture in the 15th century, today, it’s considered normal.

27% of Americans, told Consumer Reports, they struggle to sleep properly every day. 

164 million Americans say they struggle with getting to sleep at least once every week!

Now, there are many reasons that people can’t sleep but one simple reason is that their bedroom isn’t set up to facilitate a good night’s sleep. 

That’s where our organic bedroom transformation comes in. 

We’ll help you set up your bedroom to make sleep easier, here’s how. 

The Basics Of A Good Night’s Sleep

To get a good night’s sleep, you must attend to the basics. 

These 4 action points can really make a huge difference to your sleep cycle. 

Your Mattress

We don’t sleep in a bed, we sleep on a mattress.

natural mattress

To get the best sleep on a mattress, you want to buy a natural mattress which does not release VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) while you sleep and add a natural mattress topper.

You should also avoid any stressful sales rooms and buy these products online.

Your Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture should also feel natural.

Try to avoid “big box” store items and opt for things that are unique which are made from environmentally friendly materials. 

This helps to calm you as you settle into bed. 

The Paint On The Walls

A lot of paint contains VOCs and these are poisonous chemicals which irritate the airways and make sleep difficult.

non-toxic paint

It’s best to invest in some non-toxic paint and give your bedroom a quick freshen up to remove these chemicals. 

The Rugs Or Carpets

You should also be looking to use natural fibers in rugs and carpets. 

We’d recommend you choose colors that are soothing to you (and leave out super bright colors which are going to excite your body not calm it). 

Taking It Up A Level: A Better Night’s Sleep

Once you’ve attended to the basics, you can still do more to get a good night’s sleep. 

Your Bedding

For your bedding, opt for something from our best organic natural bedding list. 

natural bedding

This will be soft, cooling and really help you to get a great night’s sleep. 

The Way You Clean Your Bedding

Once you invest in good bedding, you also need to make sure it’s cleaned properly.

No chemical detergents or abrasive formulae. 

Buy eco-friendly detergents or you could even make your own, it’s not hard to do. 

Plants For Clean Air

The air you breathe matters and most of us spend all day breathing polluted city air.

plants for air purification

When you fill your bedroom with green leafy plants they help to purify the air and keep it fresh for you to breathe. 

You could also try drinking some lovely organic green tea early in the day to help keep your body as fresh as the air you breathe.

Blackout Curtains

Light pollution affects our ability to sleep properly. 

The best sleep is gained in a truly dark room and if your room isn’t properly dark, you should get some blackout curtains to keep the light at bay. 

The Icing On The Cake For The Best Night’s Sleep

Now, it’s time for the final touches. 

The “nice to haves” that really cement the perfect night’s rest. 

Your Pajamas

We’d recommend that you splash out on some organic PJs, if you wear them, that is. 

organic pajamas

These will be super soft and kind to your skin and they won’t wear on your lovely natural sheets, either. 


If you don’t have any candles, they’re easy to make with one of these cool candle-making kits.

Choose a pleasant scent and fill the room with gentle pre-bed light and a delicate, pleasing aroma that soothes your soul. 

Essential Oils

Essential oils can also help a room smell pleasant, if you don’t want to use candles for any reason. 

lavender essential oils

Just make sure you use them in very sparing quantities, essential oils are very powerful. 

A Nightcap

We don’t recommend drinking alcohol before bed on a regular basis. 

It can destroy your night’s sleep.

Instead, we’d recommend a nice warm glass of milk (vegan is good), a hot organic cocoa or a relaxing herbal tea about half an hour before bed. 

Final Thoughts On Organic Bedroom Transformation

If you don’t want to struggle to get to sleep at night then an organic bedroom transformation might be just what you need. We also recommend a green air conditioner, as well.

164 million Americans don’t sleep well at night and it doesn’t have to be that way. 

And if you feel there are other reasons that you might be struggling to sleep, we’d encourage you to take them through with your physician.

Not getting enough sleep is torture in the short-term but it can be deadly in the long-term. 

You owe it to yourself to get a good night’s rest. 

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