Origami Design Secrets Unearths Mathematical Methods For An Ancient Art

Robert J Lang is a mathematician and one of the world’s best origami artists

He brings the two together in Origami Design Secrets: Mathematical Methods For An Ancient Art and this second edition present you with step-by-step guides to make 26 different designs yourself.

origami design secrets

Origami Design Secrets | This Is Not A Recipe Book 

Robert’s vision here is not to provide you with a boring list of instructions to follow.  

Sure, you might make something if he did but you wouldn’t understand the principles of origami design and you wouldn’t be able to make your own creations. 

That’s the objective here to teach you the individual design methods for origami. 

Then to teach you how to combine them to create beautiful designs of your own.  

It’s a starting point on your origami journey rather than the end of the road.  

Do You Need To Be A Math Genius To Use It? 

No, definitely not.  While there is quite a lot of reference to mathematics, the design principles stand aside from that mathematics. 

You may find the math satisfying or interesting if you like math but you can, mainly, ignore it if you don’t find it useful and still reach the end of the book in the same place as the mathematician. 

This is with your own beautiful origami designs.  

We really enjoyed our time with Origami Design Secrets, and we can see ourselves returning to it over and over again.  

If you want to create art, we think you will too.  

You can find Origami Design Secrets: Mathematical Methods For An Ancient Art by Robert J Lang online.

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