OSEA Malibu Delivers An Ocean Of Care

It’s vital to take care of your skin, it’s the part of you that has to deal with the outside world constantly!

And we love natural, organic skincare (check out our favorite serums here).  

One of the brands we love most in this arena is OSEA Malibu

What Makes OSEA Malibu Special?  

OSEA Malibu bases their products on those ingredients that occur naturally in the world’s oceans. 

It began with a desire to use the ocean to generate healing.  

The family that founded the company knew that seaweed was packed with nutrients and valuable, healthy active ingredients.  

From this understanding they created products that deliver real results for your skin. 

OSEA malibu

They nourish and cherish your dermis and promote healing and health.  

Their Commitment To You  

OSEA Malibu Team

OSEA Malibu promise safe, clean skincare.  They use certified organic, bioavailable seaweed and they combine it with essential oils and other natural ingredients drawn from the natural world. 

They have eliminated all artificial, synthetic ingredients in the process.  Their products are plant-based, vegan and guaranteed gluten-free too. 

They’re absent of cruelty and there’s no beeswax or lanolin, etc. in their products. They say that animal rights matter and we agree. 

They were the first company to sign The Compact for the Global Production of Safe Health and Beauty Products back in 2002.  

Some Of Our Favorite OSEA Malibu Products 

We really like their refreshing Sea Minerals Mist and it’s great when you just need a quick burst of hydration.  

OSEA malibu

We’re also huge fans of their Firming Eye Cream which we find really does give your eyes a lift and reduce lines.  

Last Word on OSEA Malibu

OSEA Malibu are among the good guys of the world’s make up brands and their products are simply delightful. 

You can find some more of their products on our natural anti-wrinkle creams list and we recommend you check them out too! 

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