Outdoor Voices Is The Best Couchwear, According to Recreationalists

We can’t remember exactly what we were doing when we were 25. 

One thing we weren’t doing was developing a passion for sustainable fashion and then building a $100 million brand but Tyler Haney was.

She’s the founder of Outdoor Voices an ethical activewear brand that has found its way into our minimalist wardrobe with ease.

outdoor voices

What’s So Great About Outdoor Voices?

Well, apart from the superb design of their athletic gear which forms a series of interchangeable layers that can quickly adapt to any season or sport?

Well, there’s also the fact that they use recyled materials (including packaging) wherever possible, have invested in thoughtful production mechanism and they give back at every opportunity too.

And they use sustainably sourced merino wool and support fair trade and ethical labor practices throughout their supply chain!

That’s what’s great about them. 

Clothes For Watching TV While Thinking About The Gym

That’s what Tyler Haney says that Outdoor Voices really make – not so much athletic wear but gear that makes you feel athletic while you lounge around.

Not that it’s not great athletic wear, mind you, as she acknowledges all their gear is “made to sweat in” but it has far greater utility than many other athletic brands. 

And when they do talk workouts, they emphasize everyday movement that anyone can do and low-key activites you can slip into your routine. 

Final Thoughts On Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices is one of our favorite brands because it understands the need to be active, to be kind to the planet and the desire to incoporate that into a minimalist lifestyle.

When you want to feel great, there’s no better clothing to do it in. 

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